How to feed 10 billion people in the year 2050?

The sustainability and resilience of our food system is on the menu on the 18th of October. Together with Sameer from Safaya Consulting and OnePlanet Kitchen, we will explore the carbon and water footprint of our meals. In an interactive session we will experience the sustainable trade game which puts you in the driver's seat. How will you manage your nation's resources while serving the needs of your citizens while being sustainable at the same time.. and on a global scale?!

Chemical energy in the form of local and sustainable bites prepared by OnePlanet Kitchen will provide some food for thought (literally) as you put your humanity to the test. This event is also the official CKAA-NL alumni reunion so there will be time for all of you to hobnob at the very beginning and end of this engaging event.

Drinks are sold separately at the bar. Food is included in the workshop price. Your seat is not confirmed till you secure your tickets below, please RSVP by Sunday 14th October.
Thank you and hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 18th @ 18.30 

OnePlanet Kitchen & CKAA
 Sustainable Food Trade Workshop 


@ De Bakkerswinkel

            (Westergas terrein, Amsterdam)  

We are 7 years old! Hard to imagine, but like the train that keeps on chugging, so do we! We have also been selected by 5 intrepid Latin American students from Utrecht University to be the focus of their sustainable business master's project - so its only fitting that for our 7th Anniversary we will represent Latin America OPK-style! =)

What makes this also special is that it is the return to where it all began at Café Averechts in Utrecht back in March of 2011. So come one come all - however space is limited to 40 seats, so RSVP via the website. Reservations will not be accepted or cancelled after Friday (June 8th as we source our ingredients fresh from local organic markets, based on confirmed bookings. Facebook is only for promotion - you must buy your tickets online via the widget to your right (the extra fees go to the payment providers).

Instead of researching the multiverse of eco-labels and prices why not just rest assured you are getting your money's worth! €18 buys you a 3-course meal of international, vegetarian and sustainable fair sourced from local organic farmers! 

This is the 39th edition of a monthly event which started in Utrecht, The Netherlands back in 2011 and features rotating volunteer chefs, cuisines and cultures.

Saturday, June 9th @ 18.30 

OnePlanet Kitchen's 7th Anniversary - feat. Latin America 
(39th Edition)


@ Café Averechts

                    (Lijsterstraat 49, Utrecht)  

Disclaimer: As we buy fresh, based on the expected number of people, reservations will not be accepted or cancelled after Friday (day before any event). If seats are still available thereafter, a message will be sent out , thank you for your understanding and hope to see you there! =)