You need some poo! Yes you, and we've got the best organic material your plants have ever experienced! Click here to order your own batch of fresh.. 

Older News (but still relevant)

The "water foodprint" calculator I made back in 2018 was never published.. and may not be for some time still, but we do use it and other tools for our own internal calculations for our food events so you see the impact of the meals you have with us. In other news, we are open to collaborators and could definitely use a digital update! Back in 2019 we worked with 5 interns who helped with the backend and culminated in a very nice Latin American dinner - now we need some frontend work as well, do get in touch. Also covid-19 seems to be winding down.. maybe time for an event finally! 

About Us

Delicious and healthy, vegetarian and satisfying, local and internationally authentic, charitable (donated over €6000) and affordable!? That's what's on our menu – and we are glad you've stopped by for a little taste.


We offer scrumptious and sustainable 3-course meals made from local, seasonal and organic ingredients. Each month features a different cuisine but for one night only! Our events are usually featured on a Sunday and as we get our ingredients fresh (ie. the day before), reservations are mandatory. 

Please RSVP by the friday before the event, come dine with us or volunteer - eet smakelijk! =)

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What our customers say

"This food was simply delicious! Which country will be featured next month?" 

"I didn't know [insert typically-famous-for-meat-country] could offer such amazing vegetarian food!"

"Since its fully booked this weekend, can I help in the kitchen?"

"What was that recipe, you must tell me how you made it!"

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