They say it has some of the most beautiful country in the world, a favourite among honeymooners and adventurers, sadly its also the scene of a border conflict that's been waging for over 45 years. It also happens to be the land of my heritage and we at OnePlanet Kitchen will be breaking new ground by serving Kashmiri culinary delights for the first time in our debut in Hong Kong!  

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Instead of researching the multiverse of eco-labels and prices why not just rest assured you are getting your money's worth! $288 buys you a 3-course meal of international, vegetarian and sustainable fair sourced from HK's local organic farmers! 

This is the 23rd edition of a monthly event which started in Utrecht, The Netherlands and features rotating chefs, cuisines and cultures. DoppioZero has joined us in becoming our first official HK partner. It is a fine-dining Italian Trattoria located in Sheung Wan. 

 Sunday, May 19th @ 19.00 

OnePlanet Kitchen's 
Hong Kong Debut

 Kashmiri Cuisine

(excl. reservation fee)

@ DoppioZero

Disclaimer: As we buy fresh, based on the expected number of people, reservations will not be accepted or cancelled after friday (just before any event). If seats are still available thereafter, a message will be sent out on saturday, thank you for your understanding and hope to see you there! =)