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OPK is the perfect place for budding chefs or amateurs who enjoy cooking and participating in sustainable lifestyle and development projects such as this. Its a great way to meet extraordinary people, learn a lot, and contribute to the betterment of society and the environment. To learn more about the charities we've contributed to in the past, look here

We rotate our chefs based on the cuisine being featured each month, especially since we like to promote authentic recipes and encourage people to show-case their particular culture. This doesn't rule out people who wish to volunteer but are less culinarily inclined of course, as we can always find a task for you! 

In general we stick to 4-5 chefs (per event), all of whom dedicate their generous time and energy for the enjoyment of all - in return their drinks and meals are of course on the house!

Its a lot of fun and we're always open to ideas and cuisines, so please contact me if you'd like to get involved! =)

Note: OPK is expanding, and we are looking for ambassadors and more regular staff to run the concept in other locations - these are paid opportunities.