Join our growing network!

Are you..

- an organic farm?

- an organic shop?

- an organic supplier / producer?

- a venue (school, cafĂ©, restaurant, office etc.) ?

How does it work? 

OnePlanet Kitchen teams up with a variety of stakeholders, promoting local organic agriculture, local businesses and local talent to create sustainable home-made meals, while showcasing a variety of cultures and welcoming the general public to share in this unique experience.

How do I participate? 

Contact Us. We'd like to showcase your products to the world. We provide free advertising in exchange for a discount or sponsorship of your products which we will use in the next event. Thousands of people will become familiar with your brand very quickly! 

If you are an owner/manager of a venue and would like to increase traffic to your business, learn about sustainable food, or simply be part of a trending, holistic and relevant initiative, consider being our hosts. Each event attracts roughly 40 people to your establishment (size dependent) and will help increase revenue for you at times when you are generally not open. We provide the staff and food, you provide the space and tools, its that simple.

All stakeholders tie together to create a synergy worth exploring! 

We get our food fresh from local markets; meet our quality producers & suppliers..

and our fantastic host venues..

Hong Kong

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Special mention goes to Pendar for helping me with the logo - check him out!