Instead of researching the multiverse of eco-labels and prices why not just rest assured you are getting your money's worth! OnePlanet Kitchen is a monthly event at various cafés which features rotating chefs, cuisines and cultures. This is our debut with Karakter and we will feature authentic Kashmiri food made in part by - you guessed it - yours truly! 

The cuisine on offer is as always organic, vegetarian and local.Come one come all - however space is limited to 40 seats, so RSVP quickly by friday (August 9th). Don't forget to like us on facebook to keep up-to-date with info on future events! 

We accept reservations only so please follow the link and we hope to see you on August 11th @ 7pm. =) 

Sunday, August 11th @ 19.00 

OnePlanet Kitchen's 24th Edition

Feat. 3-courses
 Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine

@ Karakter 

(Van Vollenhovenstraat 15, Unit 24, Rotterdam)

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Disclaimer: As we buy fresh, based on the expected number of people, reservations will not be accepted or cancelled after friday (just before any event). If seats are still available thereafter, a message will be sent out on saturday, thank you for your understanding and hope to see you there! =)